Monday, November 28, 2011

Cissy Boomi

Cissy Boomi is the mature kitty of the bunch, when someone wants to do something rash, she always ask the question "what would Mama Boomi say?" Simply put, she's a Mama's Kitten. She enjoys playtime with his sisters, she thinks that her brothers are immature kittens, but she love them anyway, I guess. Cissy also likes to help her Mama Boomi around the house and in the garden. She enjoys going swimming and picking apples from the apple tree. Sometimes she likes to sit on a bench and watch the ducks waddle around in the water.

Zimmer Boomi

Zimmer Boomi loves sucking on a lollipop. He looks up to his brother Yacker Boomi, but Zimmer has his own thing going on. He has a very over active imagination--he sees aliens, ghosts and even dinosaurs. Sometimes he scares himself, to the point where he's afraid of his own shadow. He's the only one of his siblings who likes it--when Mama Boomi tells them, that it's time to come inside the house from playing. Zimmer feels safe around Mama Boomi.

Vissy Boomi

Vissy Boomi loves nature and reading books. Sometimes, she likes to talk about how much she misses her Papa Boomi. Vissy is soft spoken and very sweet, she loves helping others and dressing up in Mama Boomi's clothes.

Yacker Boomi

Yacker Boomi is witty, fun and always bantering his way through life. He loves going on adventures, playing Pawball and playing practical jokes--especially when it's at another kitty's expense. He's a fun and brave little feline, who never takes life too seriously. He also claims that he's not afraid of The Wolves. Yacker Boomi really loves Halloween, so much so, that he refuses take off his court jester Halloween costume.

Missy Boomi

Missy Boomi likes to throw temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. She believes that she can do anything that her brothers can do, but better. She's very confident and loves being a tomboy. Missy loves her sisters and brothers, but she wishes that her sisters were less girly. Don't make Missy mad or you'll never hear the end of her yelling at you.